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May 23, 2011

PrideStudios: AJ Banks bangs Junior Verde

Pride Studios writes:

“AJ Banks is back this week on CircleJerkBoys.com and he’s here to help us welcome Junior Verde. AJ and Junior are ready to go to the beach so AJ asks Junior to put some sun tan lotion on his back before they go. Junior lathers lotion all over his back and when he’s done AJ asks him to do his front as well. As Junior rubs AJ’s chest and abs AJ leans in for a kiss as they start to make out.

Beach! What beach? AJ pulls Junior’s cock out and goes down on him. Junior just lies back and watches as he gets his dick sucked. “You like suckin’ that cock?” Junior groans. Then Junior takes to AJ’s throbbing cock like a starving calf and AJ ain’t complaining. AJ slowly fucks Junior’s face.

The next thing we see is AJ’s cock as it breaches Junior’s hairy hole. “You like that?’ AJ grunts as he slaps Junior’s ass, ‘I love that tight little ass.” Junior takes it like a champ as AJ pounds his ass doggy style.

AJ then gets Junior to flip over onto his back to get some more missionary. He spread! s Junior’s hairy legs apart and rams his dick back in. AJ then sits back on the couch as Junior straddles him in a reverse cowgirl position. Junior grinds his hot hole down onto AJ’s shaft and it’s hitting him in all the right places. “Fuck, I’m cumming!” Junior moans as he unloads. AJ is next as he too unloads jacking himself off all over his well oiled abs. NOW they’re ready for the beach, Biatch!”

– Download the full scene at PrideStudios.com

May 10, 2011

HardFriction: AJ Monroe fucks Tony Douglas in “Late Night Hit”

Hard Friction writes:

“The sun is setting over the water as night falls in the Keys. Tony is sitting outside in his towel after a long day in the sun. AJ comes out to join him and bends over for a kiss. Tony opens AJ’s towel and goes for his hardening dick. Tony looks up at his buddy’s ecstatic face as he sucks and slurps on his cock while releasing his own big meat from the constraints of his towel. We spy on the two boys through the bushes as they take turns sucking each other’s cocks outside.

AJ is ready to fuck and pulls Tony inside to the bed leaving the door open behind him. He roughly pulls Tony to the edge of the bed and slides his hard cock into his bottom’s willing hole. Tony moans and thrashes on the bed as AJ pounds him hard.

He flips him over for better traction and pounds him some more until he builds to an intense climax pulling out his cock and painting Tony’s shiny ass with his cum. Tony jerks his dick and shoots his load straight down the edge of the bed adding his own boy butter to the growing puddle on the tile floor.”

– Watch the entire scene at HardFriction.com

Raging Stallion
January 30, 2011

PrideStudios: AJ Banks fucks Jarred King

Pride Studios writes:

“AJ Banks is back in the CircleJerkBoys.com neighborhood and we are always happy to see him. AJ’s here to help us welcome a new face to the circle, Jersey’s own, Jarred King.

These two get right to business as Jarred moves in for a kiss. His hands are all over AJ’s growing cock as they start to explore each other. Curiosity gets the better of Jarred who quickly strips AJ’s pants off to speed things up. He drops his own pants as well as AJ kneels to get at his cock. AJ moans as he gets his mouth stuffed full of meat gagging on it as he tries to take it all. AJ then stands and pulls his out so that Jarred can return the favor. Jarred gets on his knees and wraps his lips around AJ’s meat as he fucks his face with it.

From there they move over to the couch and get into a hot 69 as AJ climbs on board, sinking his dick back into Jarred’s mouth as he nurses on more of that Jersey meat. AJ then sits back as Jarred has a seat—on his cock. AJ quickly switches positions as he gets Jarred on his back. He lifts those long legs up in the air and slides that str8 dick back inside. “You like that big cock!?” he grunts as he pounds away at that hot hole.

AJ then moves the party south as he gets Jarred on all four. He slides that dick back inside that hungry ass as he starts to pound away doggy style. AJ picks up the pace fucking him faster and it sends him over the edge. “Aw, I’m gonna cum!” he grunts as he pulls out as Jarred flips over to get it shot all over him. Jarred is right behind him as he too unloads all over himself.”

– Download the entire scene at PrideStudios.com

January 8, 2011

Dominic Ford: AJ Banks fucks Brock Armstrong in “Secret Fantasies”

Dominic Ford writes:

“This is part one of the two-part finale of Dominic Ford’s “Secret Fantasies” series. They’ve been asking users to submit their secret fantasies throughout the 6 weeks of the series. Over 60 hot fantasies were submitted, and they chose this fantasy, submitted by “Bill” in Chicago.

Bill’s fantasy is reprinted in its entirety below. Ford enlisted the help of Brock Armstrong and A.J. to help us make this fantasy come true.

Bill’s unedited email to Dominic Ford: My secret fantasy might seem weird. I don’t know. When I was young we had a really hot male housekeeper (rare, right?). I had two fantasies. The first one was that I set up “nanny cams” all over the house. After I got home from school I’d watch the surveillance tapes back and find him masturbating in our living room. My other fantasy was that I’d come home early one day and catch him in the act. Of course, he’d make me promise not to tell my parents, and I would make him fuck me in order to have me keep my mouth shut. I still think about him to this day!

Congratulations, Bill. You’ve won a free membership to DominicFord.com. Stay tuned next week for part 2 of the series finale: Ford’s own private fantasy come to life.”

– Watch the full scene at DominicFord.com

DominicFord.com 2D and 3D porn
November 16, 2010

College Dudes: AJ Monroe busts a nut

CollegeDudes.com writes:

“We are happy to have AJ Monroe jerking off for us in this sexy vid! While shaving his face, AJ tells us a little bit about himself – then he throws off his towel and hopes in the tub.

AJ gets all soapy, and in the process is really horned up. We think AJ gets into as many positions as he possibly can, showing off his nice cock, hot ass, and smooth 20 year old bod.

AJ ends up shooting a hot load all over the glass panel and ends the vid by taking a taste of his own cum. Hot vid!”

– See more of AJ Monroe at CollegeDudes

November 4, 2010

ChaosMen: Micah fucks AJ bareback

Chaosmen.com writes:

“I knew Micah was going to be on for guy-on-guy work, as long as we took it slow.

Since AJ discovered he can cum while being fucked, and had ‘escaped’ getting fucked in a previous video, I figured he could do all the work with Micah.

I like watching Micah get his dick sucked by AJ. AJ does a really good job, and Micah seems to really like to watch having his dick sucked by a dude. He is into it for sure.

AJ crawls up eventually to give Micah access to his cock, but couldn’t bring himself to suck dick. I told him after the shoot, he needed to tackle that limit in the future and he thought he could. They are always more optimistic about doing more after a successful shoot. But he blanched at doing it this time.

We start of doggy style, so Micah can see what he is doing, and get the angle right. AJ takes it like a champ too.

Micah was staying so hard, that I thought we would try fucking in a chair. This is a hard position for these amateurs to take on. Lots of falling out and re-inserting, but eventually they find a really good rhythm and you can see how big Micah’s cock is as they both spread AJ’s bubble-butt cheeks apart to really showcase the action.

Finally AJ gets fucked on his back. He felt a couple times that he might be able to cum while being fucked. I’m not entirely sure Micah stayed up inside of him while he came, but AJ’s cum shot is EXPLOSIVE. It’s completely over the top in volume!

There is one great screen capture that shows how he coated his entire torso- even the pillow at his head!

Micah needed to ramp up after that, but it sure didn’t take him long unload all over AJ’s hole, and shove it in, breeding him good.

AJ hams it up for us by rubbing his cum into his stomach and taking a little taste.

This is a great pairing, and Micah did an awesome job for his first time fucking a dude!”

– Download this hot scene at Chaosmen.com


September 18, 2010

ChaosMen: AJ barebacks Gerin

Chaosmen.com writes:

“I’m not sure why I had my doubts about putting AJ with Gerin.

After all, AJ is the type of guy who gets too drunk and ends up making out with everyone around him, guys included. So he is definitely not in the 100% straight category.

I had him figured for being into big buff guys that could lift him up and toss him around, like the scene he did with Nash.

Turns out he is a dominate little scamp, and their skin tone and matching size really looked great together! And their energy was awesome!

AJ LOVED having someone he could bitch around! Which of course makes Gerin happy. He prefers older guys, another reason I worried this pairing wouldn’t go smoothly, but he totally got off to worshiping AJ’s cock, and making him hard.

And of course, getting fucked HARD by AJ’s over-sized cock.

They were clicking so well, we moved over to the couch and took on a challenging position. Gerin road AJ’s dick cowboy style without nary a slip out! They just kept fucking and fucking and fucking!

Though Gerin seems to be one of those bottoms that doesn’t seem to get hard while getting fucked, he truly was enjoying himself. We got him in his favorite position, and AJ, like a porn champ, fucks him until Gerin gets hard, and nuts all over the place.

AJ shoots all over Gerin’s hole, dipping in and out, and making Gerin’s hole all happy to be cum-soaked! (and not bruised this time!)”

– Download the complete scene at Chaosmen.com


June 24, 2010

ChaosMen: AJ and Ransom’s raw flip-flop fuck

Chaosmen writes:

“If I remember correctly, AJ worked with Eli last. AJ topped the entire time. Mainly ‘cuz he was being a bit of a baby about bottoming but also ‘cuz he had a tennis ball-sized bruise between his legs.

Now Ransom, we know he loves to get fucked. It’s hard for him to NOT cum while being fucked. But I also know he can top really good, and he also knows the sweet spot to nail a guy’s prostate.

So AJ thought he was going to top this entire video but as Ransom road his cock, he saw how hard Ransom was. He thought maybe he could take it. Clearly Ransom was loving getting fucked, so why shouldn’t he?

I really need to leave the cameras rolling between takes. It was so funny to watch AJ admit he was loving getting fucked. We had to stop once because he said he was gonna pee or cum, which cracked both Ransom and I up.

AJ was determined to cum while being fucked, and though it sure looks like it isn’t going to happen, AJ kept telling Ransom where to hit his sweet spot. “Not so deep, slower, no faster…no…right there!”

I have seen a lot of porn and usually when it takes a while for the bottom to cum, the top usually becomes droopy. But Ransom stayed rock hard and fucks him after AJ cums, pulls out and then busts all over AJ’s hole – shoving his cum-covered cock in, breeding AJ’s ass.

Ransom is normally not much of a talker, but listening to him tell AJ to take his load is VERY hot!

As for AJ, I think he has no fear of bottoming and is now looking forward to the extra intensity of cumming while being fucked!”

– Download the full-length scene at Chaosmen.com

June 6, 2010

ChaosMen: AJ barebacks Eli

Chaosmen: Aj barebacks Eli

Chaosmen writes:

“There is a certain amount of irony to this video that isn’t readily apparent…until the end. Originally we set this up as a flip-flop video, but AJ had a GIANT purple bruise in between his ask cheeks (can’t decide if someone literally kicked his ass or his surfboard nailed him) but it was enough for me to try to shoot around it.

Plus, AJ is still new to bottoming and was shocked at how big Eli’s cock got. He was glad his ass was bruised and not gonna be split in two! Doesn’t really matter to Eli. He is a great bottom, though it seems a waste of good meat not to see it in action.

The irony portion is before we got started, I suggested that after AJ sucks Eli’s cock he should stand up and while taking down his pants, give Eli a big kiss. Kiss a dude?!?!?! I forgot he hadn’t done that and it was apparently beyond his limit. Well, he had missed his flight and I was like, “You messed up getting here – the least you can do is kiss him for 15 seconds!”

So when you watch the transition from them sucking each other, there is just this little peck that is practically non-existent. Grrr..

Well, then we started discussing the cumshot and he says he can take a facial. What??!?! You won’t kiss a guy but you will let him nut on your face? And I didn’t want any pinched closed-mouth facial either. I wanted it to look good. He insisted he could do it. Eli is super easy to ramp up and cum and AJ is a little tight mouthed, but he opens his mouth eventually and a little cum bubbles out.

Seriously, he looked like a glazed donut!

So how can he go from not wanting to kiss a guy’s lips to taking his load on his face and mouth?

Oh yeah, and there is a really hot cream-pie action as AJ unloads into Eli’s hole!”

– Download this hot scene at Chaosmen.com


March 22, 2010

ChaosMen: AJ and Nash fuck each other bareback

Chaosmen: AJ and Nash fuck each other bareback

Chaosmen writes:

“Well AJ stepped up his game for this shoot!

Nash of course is very sexy, no matter how you cut it. And, as always, he makes the new guys feel at ease. Plus, I think it was awkward doing the last scene between AJ and his best friend, Jasper.

They both get way into it; AJ is learning that he can take a cock and it can actually feel good. Nash struggles not to cum when he gets fucked on his back again. It’s funny to watch him brush AJ’s hand away when he tries to play with it.

A little cream-pie action at the end, and AJ nuts doggy style while Nash is “almost” fucking him. We are getting him closer to getting the cum fucked out of him!

But I guess the fun part of this video is the OutTakes at the end. With amateur guys who have never fucked a dude, we usually stick to 3-4 positions. I know it can be boring, but since I have so few gay guys working for me, they just aren’t good at Gay Porn Acrobatics. But between takes, the boys were watching a straight porn where the guy had picked up his girl and was fucking her standing up. Nash said he does that with his girl, and he didn’t think the extra 20 pounds little AJ would be that much different. I wasn’t so optimistic, but figured it would be fun to try a new position.

So it’s lots of fun to watch them try to get the position to work. I think you can see they are having fun on the set, and I gotta give ’em props for thinking creatively!”

– Download the complete scene at Chaosmen.com


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