Princess Pie!!!

Amateur pic posted on Saturday Apr 12

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Princess Pie!!!

  1. said: Beautiful, I could be your English Knight cum to kiss that perfect pussy, & bring you to orgsam on my ex caliber
  2. said: Ill bet it tastes as good as it looks.. yummy. :)
  3. said: that’s one sexy pussy
  4. J R said: nice fine wine vintage darlin..juss lean back n let daddy do the driving ok? ;) is that made in USA? 10
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23 year old milff of 3 kids

Amateur pic posted on Friday Apr 11

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opening up her tight pussy before a squirting session

  1. said: I would like to see you bent over ass in air lips open and a hanging ;) please Miss 3 kids ;) email
  2. ACE said: Beautiful bod Doll! I’d like to see much more!!
  3. Its ME said: Thank you!! Gunna put pics soon.. Suggestions?? FYI haters I’m married & he’s the father.. but I’ll try & stop bein a skank! ;)
  4. said: Go find a site that every picture is airbrushed, your just jealous that its not yours. Please post more stunning lady or email?
  5. said: @Jessica & Henry, get a grip folks people do have kids you know! I think she looks stunning! If you don’t like real woman then
  6. BBC said: For 3 kids that pussy looks good now it time for me to open you up with my 12 in black cock and you will know who’s your daddy!!
  7. said: 23 with 3 kids does not make you a milf
  8. said: Love to get that pussy squirting cum & piss all over me
  9. wow said: time to break in the ass
  10. wow said: some wome women must think men believe anything. that is one well used YOUNG cunt
  11. fake jessica said: jessica is a man you idiots, and look at all those booze bottles, no wonder she had 3 kids!
  12. J R said: laffen..yeah im learning some new “lingo” on here rainbow frenchman…gezzz laffen
  13. J R said: thinken Jess has a huge pkg…wonder if a post is on the way? ;)
  14. J R said: Jess…post a pic on here luv to C ya darlin! cum on! ;) be looken
  15. J R said: lucky hubby..luv to stand in if she ever wanted a lil strange..10
  16. said: 10 nice pussy email more please
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  18. said: i mean wow im in love!
  19. Polehard said: DAMN thats a fuckin nice pussy, perfection!
  20. hunter said: @jessica if you have better put up if your game
  21. hunter said: would she like a couple more kids be glad to help out
  22. God said: 23 and 3 kids the lady is a tramp how many fathers or arent you sure
  23. said: damn I would eat that up
  24. said: Body and sweet pussy. I’d love to watch you make it squirt then make you make my cock squirt all over your face.
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  26. said: Would love to see a “hole” lot more! Would also love to see Jessica’s pussy and compare the two.
  27. BJ said: 23 yrs old, but 50 yrs old pussy
  28. BJ said: looks more like 50 yrs old pussy, time to put your panty on.
  29. Dantheman said: all i can say is bowchickabowow lemme see more
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  32. It's ME said: Listen Jessica its called getting C sections… Sorry if ur pussy aint tight like mine! U really be hatin huh? Must suck to be u
  33. Henry said: @ Jessica thank you!! Finally someone with common sense!!
  34. jessica said: after 3 kids its not tight at all, dont lie about it. also 23 yrs old with 3 kids,learn what birth control is
  35. 6162986686 said: Delicious
  36. GGSWA said: pussy looks great after 3 kids
  37. said: do u want a fourth mm mm xxx
  38. OBGYN said: She’s tight believe me. Delectible! 10! reading Henry’s comments he must be a rainbow frenchman..
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  41. dd.eddie said: 3 kids and still SEXY! and YUMMY :D
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  45. Henry said: After three kids it’s not that tight!!

Ready to go

Amateur pic posted on Friday Apr 11

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My little pussy is in need of a good stretching!

  1. BigPersonel trainer said: looks very tasty.. how about you squat down on my cock
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  5. J R said: juss wish folks would’nt mess with the photo shoppen…still nice post though..
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  7. said: Beautiful tight and looks delicious!
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Suzy’s ass

Amateur pic posted on Friday Apr 11

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A pic of my ass. What do you think

  1. said: I’m in love ;)
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  3. J R said: does it like to be licked n tongued end to end now n then suzyy? ;)
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Hot 51 Year Old

Amateur pic posted on Friday Apr 11

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Tanning nude oitdoors.

  1. BBC said: Would love to have your 51yo pussy ride my 12in black cock is fuck that pussy so hard you couldn’t walk nice pussy!
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  8. Mr X. said: There are some desperate fucks on RMN if that is sexy??
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  16. dd.eddie said: Love this shot on ‘Calwife’ and i love to taste all of it here also! I wann suck that pussy hard!
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my backside

Amateur pic posted on Friday Apr 11

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i´m Tina – do you like me?

  1. ACE said: I love your pussy & asshole!! Great close up!!:D
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full load… ended up getting her pregnant!

Amateur pic posted on Friday Apr 11

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Blew massive load into her. Filled her pussy up and leaked out. Pregnant 5 weeks later!

  1. said: wow… lots of typos in my posts. sorry.
  2. said: I posted these pictures because she loves to show off her body . i do share her as she likes soletimes. any one live in so cal
  3. said: and yes I was happy I got her pregnant she’s my wife she’s a beautiful Filipina with DDD breasts
  4. said: thank you for all the compliments guys I really appreciate it
  5. said: In response to the other questions I fucked her in the ass and your pussy that day
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  7. said: Wow, looks well worth firing arms & legs into, just love to eat her right now
  8. wow said: are you sure that was the load that knocked her up
  9. J R said: that puss can get any child support it ever could want or need! its awesome wow post more of that
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32Yr Old Milf

Amateur pic posted on Thursday Apr 10

Sexy Pussy.JPG
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You wanna taste?

  1. J R said: mrV yeah if ya tell’en the truth..dont come home at nite..he might be waiten for ya some time
  2. said: i wanna fuck it!
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  7. mario said: hell yea
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Naked backyard tan

Amateur pic posted on Thursday Apr 10

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No tan lines on my ass. What do you think

  1. ACE said: I think you look very tasty!
  2. Henry said: @ wow no I don’t thanks to your mom!
  3. said: OH Suzy! let me pull youd hair and fuck you hard while i bite your neck and dig my nails into your back. inbox me
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  13. johnnyonthespot said: bleach it
  14. said: If you sunburn it Suzy I’llkiss it and maybe make it better.
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  16. quango said: I like your pictures but this picture looks wrong your ass is missed up did you photo shop or something
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  18. dd.eddie said: 10! the same as i scored this ass on rateherpu**y when posted. Delicious!
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my gf indian dpread pussy

Amateur pic posted on Thursday Apr 10

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Jst screwed 45yr old indian pussy

  1. Cecil said: Beautiful picture. I like the little bit of lip protruding, very nice indeed.
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