South African Beauty #3

Amateur pic posted on Friday Oct 17

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See what your comments do to her pussy…Who wants to taste her juice?

  1. said: wow so sexy teen I m going to mad I want to fuck you hardly now
  2. lapayne.1918@yahoocom said: love to taste her juicies , then slide the head of my cock between your tight pussy lips as i slide my cock all the way to my b
  3. Jagsmeester said: Would love to see more of that beautiful South African pussy,
  4. J R said: beautiful keep posting dont C any Africaners on to C bumm n puss more awesome HAIR cut as usual
  5. said: DAMN! I could drink your juices for days. I’d make you squirt with my tongue and stretch your pussy wide and fill it with my cum
  6. said: i wanna taste please sign me up
  7. matt said: that’s fuck in awesome.
  8. geraldo rivera said: crushed that in joberg in 94
  9. Tosser said: I would love a taste! And then some more!
  10. said: I’d like to coax her clit out from under the hood? I’d like to feel her shudder when she cums.
  11. said: lovely.If she wants a women i would love to taste her juicy pussy.
  12. Tex said: Wow
  13. said: eeish! what a pussy me cant wait to send my dick in
  14. dd.eddie said: the toy s out my tongue should be IN!
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  16. The Wettest Pussy! said: Mmmmmmm…..looks really fucking tasty!!! Come sit on my face babe!! I want to taste!
  17. said: Great pussy, love the clit hood ;)

Open wide

Amateur pic posted on Friday Oct 17

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Needs some filling

  1. ACE said: Now that’s how to spread an ass. It would be my pleasure to fill both your holes several timesDoll. Plz show more of you!
  2. lapayne.1918@yahoocom said: love to tongue your tight ass-hole then eat your pussy till you drip cum, slide my cock easy ,rubbing your clit
  3. J R said: under rated @ 7.2 would luv to apply #2 vintage ck to that 10 vintage fine wine milf..hubby mind? 2 handed reach around10
  4. said: would love to oblige
  5. geraldo rivera said: that’s what happens to an ass when the big G hits it. took foerever to cum and she paid for it. thanks for being a trooper bab
  6. said: The way you spread proves just how sexually adventurous you are. I would fill you first with fingers, then tongue and cock.
  7. LoveMySquirtingWife!! said: Love the hanging lips & really love the stretched Asshole!!! Beautiful!!
  8. My post said: Well J if you don’t like it don’t look.. Don’t be jealous because you haven’t been in it
  9. matt said: i would lick your pussy and ass then fuck em both hard
  10. said: Dp would be nice for me too :)
  11. j said: looks like it’s been filled quite a few times….
  12. hunter said: wheres the line start ?? love to use and abuse every hole
  13. said: id love to stretch your holes!
  14. said: I’ll gladly fill either hole for you! Love a woman who can spread her ass cheeks as I drive my cock in!
  15. said: Love the dark lipped pussy but I would love to tongue fuck your ass Mrs ;)

18 years but too hairy?

Amateur pic posted on Friday Oct 17

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  1. Yummer said: Perfect just how it is!! Don’t stay with anyone who says otherwise
  2. Undertaker said: Yea, too hairy. Looks like man ass
  3. geraldo rivera said: i dont want to go to jail again
  4. Tex said: Never too hairy…
  5. said: oh hell no! I’d lick on that till you begged me to stop
  6. said: its still sexy. I want more.
  7. dd.eddie said: Nothing is too hairly at 18yo! YUMMY yum yum darlin! Just needs a lot more manly licking and it will come off and get off too.
  8. Shaun said: Too hairy? No, let it grow
  9. Donni said: i wanne fuck that beatiful asshole!
  10. said: Just the right amount of hair for me! Not to hairy,not to thin!
  11. said: It’s your choice but lets see the same pic bald and I will choose, looks good from here though

Naked in bed.

Amateur pic posted on Friday Oct 17

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  1. J R said: nice Suzzzz…when can I cum over…;)
  2. said: Love to get right up behind and stick my cock in both holes and fuck real hard mmmm
  3. Show alittle titt said: Always has the titties covered! WHY?
  4. adam02861 said: THAT is a beautiful woman!
  5. said: Sexy in bed,Mmmmm!
  6. Assfan69 said: looks like Suzys sweet ass and pussy..never gets old! If not it looks just as sweet! Love to get deep inside every hole! 10

Awsome pussy

Amateur pic posted on Thursday Oct 16

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Wifes Awsome Pussy

  1. DocBoner said: Holy MoG! Grrr…
  2. Spike said: OMG I love those lips!! I want to tongue you so bad!
  3. said: what an amazingly tasty looking clit!
  4. J R said: agreed,,puss is awesome! ;)
  5. dave said: Fabulous – perfection
  6. said: very sexy pussy
  7. Any said: MEAT CURTAINS!!!
  8. GGSWA said: that’s gorgeous
  9. J said: Would love to see those lips around my cock
  10. dd.eddie said: This is one delicious pussy! An awesome crotch. I want my lips superglue to your crotch! :D
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  12. Ben Dover said: WOW That is fantastic…. I so wannnna taste every inch of that from the back to the front. Hot babe :) Lets see a rear view
  13. said: Agreed! What lips! Faaantastic ;)
  14. said: wew an awesome 10

40 yrs old pussy

Amateur pic posted on Thursday Oct 16

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Mansfield Ohio blonde pussy

  1. said: I am in Columbus and would love to lick it for hours!
  2. josh said: i live in shelby ohio
  3. said: I’m 35 and would love to lick your beautiful pussy, if your pussy is this sexy I bet the rest of you is even sexyier
  4. said: That is one beautiful pussy. I would love to have a taste. i love that hair!
  5. cheekybugger1968 said: that looks awesome, just the way a neat pussy should look, would love some personal shot sent to me,
  6. said: Ever Cum to Dayton? I’d love to get an extreme close up in person
  7. said: I want to fuck your pussy.
  8. a horny wanker said: beautiful, only thing missing is my cum oozing out
  9. senseimiyagi said: Sweeeet!!!!
  10. J R said: w0w thats kinda south of me..;) nice!!!
  11. said: 10+
  12. Mr Good Kat said: Meow sexy lady pussy!!! For 40 looks tighter and better than some 18gas year olds!!! Show more please wet and creamy and hairy!!
  13. dd.eddie said: tart tangy and so lickable! Would love to lick out some womanly cum
  14. said: So . gorgeously sexy I’d love.a.taste love her!!!

South African Beauty #2

Amateur pic posted on Wednesday Oct 15

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Prev comments made us so wet and horny…she needs a dick to sit on instead of this dildo…who is keen?

  1. Tex said: Gotta love South African pussy…!
  2. J R said: awesome hair cut! post a rear view bumm hiked up n read! beautiful
  3. Undertaker said: Love your fat belly sweety. Nothing sexier than a big girl who knows she sexy
  4. said: she can sit on my face or dick with a lovely pussy like that!
  5. Joe said: Wld luv to pound that pussy. Yum.
  6. Jagsmeester said: Hou aan post! 10 uit 10
  7. senseimiyagi said: Wow, I loves me some imported pussy!
  8. Tb81 said: Now that’s mouth watering!!!
  9. said: Im first in line for that sweet pussy.
  10. dick said: nice cunt
  11. Tosser said: I’m South African too, and you got me damn hard and wanting your sexy pussy!
  12. said: I’ve gota rock hard cock ready for your juicy and delicious pussy! Just tell me where to go
  13. said: hell yeah my dick is ready for action that is absolutely beautiful
  14. said: dit lyk pragtig! my mond water sommer…
  15. 5714327523 said: pick me I got a throbbing cock needing some of that pussy
  16. said: Hi sexy i stay in nelspruit if you want some real meat
  17. dd.eddie said: Well my big nose would love to be stuck in her pussy first! As i lick my way out

“sweet stretch!”

Amateur pic posted on Wednesday Oct 15

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so hot stretched out for me.

  1. ACE said: Incredible stretch. Makes me want all of you for days!
  2. J R said: wow a true face wash! beautiful
  3. Johnnyonthespot said: Luv those cum collectors
  4. GGSWA said: very sexy love the feet too~ dont hide your face u should be proud of the holes
  5. LoveMySquirtingWife!! said: Stretch those holes like a good little SLuT!! Beautiful!
  6. dick said: stretch that twat you slut
  7. joey said: nice sweet stretch! such pretty fuck holes.
  8. dd.eddie said: I want to suck both your holes inside out!

My Boss very wet pussy!

Amateur pic posted on Wednesday Oct 15

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I love my jobs! Later I get to fuck her on her desk!

  1. lapayne.1918@yahoocom said: love to lick her juicy pussy ,lick her sweet lips to make her pussy cum in my mouth
  2. DEVIL said: I love me some chocolate…perfect
  3. said: The perfect chocolate cupcake! Nice and moist on the outside and creamy on the inside!
  4. ACE said: Looks tasty Doll!
  5. said: Luv ebony pussy…
  6. said: good girl !!!! I would rip her arse to bits !!!!!!!!
  7. Lickit said: She can sit on face instead of the chair, not sure if she would get any work done
  8. Lickit said: Chocolate and cream my mouth is watering wanting to lick Her clean
  9. said: Would love to lick her creamy pink pussy and then give her a good hard fucking!
  10. senseimiyagi said: Let’s see u give your boss the wood!!!
  11. BIG D said: dick so hard for that chocolate pussy! I would pound her raw!
  12. said: Is she hiring!
  13. Mrxplosive said: DAMN!! I would never been late to work!
  14. said: looks so good can i have some inbox me more
  15. said: what kind ofawesome job do you have?
  16. said: fucking awesome
  17. 5714327523 said: Damn like me some ebony tasty creamy pussy let me have a turn
  18. dd.eddie said: OMG this sweet chocolate creme honey box is your boss? Any other openings available? DELICIOUS! :D

My wife’s BEAUTIFUL AND WET pussy

Amateur pic posted on Tuesday Oct 14

DSC001 - Copy.jpg
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My wife is so worked up after being licked, fingered, and toyed and she is begging to be fucked. She loves when I cum inside her. What would you do to this tasty pussy?

  1. rj said: she is right its time to give her a cream pie! then I would go back down on her and lick it out she will go nuts cuming again
  2. said: damn that is wet! i’d have to clean that up with my tongue first…
  3. senseimiyagi said: Love that cue ball look!!!
  4. said: Nice pussy but I would turn her over and fill her ass as the pussy has had a workout ;)
  5. Mr X. said: Take it to a Doctor?
  6. T-Rock said: Almost absolute perfection. I would never come up for air.
  7. C3PO said: I would see how many magic markers I could fit in it.
  8. dd.eddie said: first i would blindfold her and then sneak in as many people as possible to lick her pussy.. may i dangerly says pets too?

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