South African Beauty #2

Amateur pic posted on Wednesday Oct 15

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Prev comments made us so wet and horny…she needs a dick to sit on instead of this dildo…who is keen?

  1. Tex said: Gotta love South African pussy…!
  2. J R said: awesome hair cut! post a rear view bumm hiked up n read! beautiful
  3. Undertaker said: Love your fat belly sweety. Nothing sexier than a big girl who knows she sexy
  4. said: she can sit on my face or dick with a lovely pussy like that!
  5. Joe said: Wld luv to pound that pussy. Yum.
  6. Jagsmeester said: Hou aan post! 10 uit 10
  7. senseimiyagi said: Wow, I loves me some imported pussy!
  8. Tb81 said: Now that’s mouth watering!!!
  9. said: Im first in line for that sweet pussy.
  10. dick said: nice cunt
  11. Tosser said: I’m South African too, and you got me damn hard and wanting your sexy pussy!
  12. said: I’ve gota rock hard cock ready for your juicy and delicious pussy! Just tell me where to go
  13. said: hell yeah my dick is ready for action that is absolutely beautiful
  14. said: dit lyk pragtig! my mond water sommer…
  15. 5714327523 said: pick me I got a throbbing cock needing some of that pussy
  16. said: Hi sexy i stay in nelspruit if you want some real meat
  17. dd.eddie said: Well my big nose would love to be stuck in her pussy first! As i lick my way out

“sweet stretch!”

Amateur pic posted on Wednesday Oct 15

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so hot stretched out for me.

  1. ACE said: Incredible stretch. Makes me want all of you for days!
  2. J R said: wow a true face wash! beautiful
  3. Johnnyonthespot said: Luv those cum collectors
  4. GGSWA said: very sexy love the feet too~ dont hide your face u should be proud of the holes
  5. LoveMySquirtingWife!! said: Stretch those holes like a good little SLuT!! Beautiful!
  6. dick said: stretch that twat you slut
  7. joey said: nice sweet stretch! such pretty fuck holes.
  8. dd.eddie said: I want to suck both your holes inside out!

My Boss very wet pussy!

Amateur pic posted on Wednesday Oct 15

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I love my jobs! Later I get to fuck her on her desk!

  1. lapayne.1918@yahoocom said: love to lick her juicy pussy ,lick her sweet lips to make her pussy cum in my mouth
  2. DEVIL said: I love me some chocolate…perfect
  3. said: The perfect chocolate cupcake! Nice and moist on the outside and creamy on the inside!
  4. ACE said: Looks tasty Doll!
  5. said: Luv ebony pussy…
  6. said: good girl !!!! I would rip her arse to bits !!!!!!!!
  7. Lickit said: She can sit on face instead of the chair, not sure if she would get any work done
  8. Lickit said: Chocolate and cream my mouth is watering wanting to lick Her clean
  9. said: Would love to lick her creamy pink pussy and then give her a good hard fucking!
  10. senseimiyagi said: Let’s see u give your boss the wood!!!
  11. BIG D said: dick so hard for that chocolate pussy! I would pound her raw!
  12. said: Is she hiring!
  13. Mrxplosive said: DAMN!! I would never been late to work!
  14. said: looks so good can i have some inbox me more
  15. said: what kind ofawesome job do you have?
  16. said: fucking awesome
  17. 5714327523 said: Damn like me some ebony tasty creamy pussy let me have a turn
  18. dd.eddie said: OMG this sweet chocolate creme honey box is your boss? Any other openings available? DELICIOUS! :D

My wife’s BEAUTIFUL AND WET pussy

Amateur pic posted on Tuesday Oct 14

DSC001 - Copy.jpg
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My wife is so worked up after being licked, fingered, and toyed and she is begging to be fucked. She loves when I cum inside her. What would you do to this tasty pussy?

  1. rj said: she is right its time to give her a cream pie! then I would go back down on her and lick it out she will go nuts cuming again
  2. said: damn that is wet! i’d have to clean that up with my tongue first…
  3. senseimiyagi said: Love that cue ball look!!!
  4. said: Nice pussy but I would turn her over and fill her ass as the pussy has had a workout ;)
  5. Mr X. said: Take it to a Doctor?
  6. T-Rock said: Almost absolute perfection. I would never come up for air.
  7. C3PO said: I would see how many magic markers I could fit in it.
  8. dd.eddie said: first i would blindfold her and then sneak in as many people as possible to lick her pussy.. may i dangerly says pets too?

My Juicy Pussy

Amateur pic posted on Tuesday Oct 14

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What you think of my juicy pussy?

  1. said: Would love to get my tongue on Your sweet pussy lips. Could lick You for days.
  2. ACE said: Looks delicious! I’d love a taste! ;)
  3. lapayne.1918@yahoocom said: baby it should be a sin not to eat your pussy till you cum in my mouth ,then slide my cock deep in your tight pussy till you cum
  4. J R said: a beautiful monster
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  9. said: thinks I wanna taste it
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  11. Doll said: Your pussy is similar to mine! ;) especially your clit hood ;)
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  16. dd.eddie said: certainly delicious!
  17. said: Love it love it love it! I want to eat both your holes ;) post more

creamed wife

Amateur pic posted on Tuesday Oct 14

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First time post

  1. ACE said: Beautiful pic you shouldn’t have waited so long before showing your awesome set of holes.
  2. R said: “Love them Lips” “Fucken HOT”
  3. Cowboy77 said: I’d like to cream that pussy…..there would be alot more cum on those lips!!
  4. J R said: wonder if SandraM could post a pic? ;) yeah
  5. said: would love to eat that pussy while my hubby fucks me
  6. Sandra M said: I’d love to eat her out and clean it for another load :)
  7. dick said: I want my wife to eat that while I fuck her in the ass.
  8. LoveMySquirtingWife!! said: Let’s see some more of that beautiful pussy & asshole!!
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Who Wants Some?? Pt. II

Amateur pic posted on Tuesday Oct 14

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The comments get me so Fucking Wet!!! Just knowing there are people out there, looking at my pussy & my asshole & cumming to them gets me so wet!! I need someone to make me squirt! The idea of multiple cocks at once sounds like a blast!!

  1. said: Mmm would love to clean that pussy up.
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  6. The Wettest Pussy! said: Similar pics….just had my pussy & ass eaten in this pic!
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  13. The Wettest Pussy! said: @HARDKOK…..did you cum all over my pussy??
  14. C3PO said: Isn’t that the same picture you posted last time?
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  18. said: Post something different please sexy
  19. Scott said: Round 2!!!! Lick lick..

Who Wants Some?

Amateur pic posted on Monday Oct 13

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Guys & Girls….I want to know exactly what you would do to this pussy & asshole!! I Love It All!!!

  1. Scott said: Wife wants to know true size of hubby’s unit?
  2. Scott said: Wife said meet us in the virgan islands for the ride of his life In march
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  13. Scott said: So you want her hot meaty lips in your face do YA?
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  22. Scott said: And page 8 LICK THAT on beautiful big labia. Way better pics of her meat!!
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Amateur pic posted on Monday Oct 13

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  1. ACE said: Had to cum back for seconds Doll! Ur incredible. I helped with your name that should get me a night or 3 with u! ;)
  2. Josh said: are u going to post more. I cant wait to see more
  3. Rig said: Doll I want to see your tits, let’s see those hard nipples
  4. Doll said: @ ACE : you keep ME cumming ;)
  5. Doll said: @ you keep ME cumming ;)
  6. dd.eddie said: I can smell your pussy; sweet still becasue a wet pussy is so close; let me lick you wet and deep to get flavor out of it :D
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  14. said: I would creampie both those holes and then eat them
  15. Doll said: Who here can smell my asshole from the picture? ;)
  16. Doll said: @ it IS perfection… especially sliding on your dick!
  17. Doll said: @ : I can fuck for however long it takes and walk fine ;) I’m an athlete ;)
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  22. said: perfection
  23. Doll said: @ senseimiyagi : right ? Isn this the best sight to wake up to? ???
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  33. said: would love some pics of u in my inbox to stroke my cock to
  34. said: what it take to get my cock in ur pussy and ass
  35. Doll said: @ BIG D: you’re right, because I have the right kind of very muscular and fleshy pussy that can handle ALOT of fucking ;)
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  37. The Wettest Pussy! said: I Love Your Meaty Lips Doll!!!! I want to taste you so bad!!!!!
  38. BIG D said: there is no way anyone could resist having sex with you.
  39. Doll said: @ LoveMySquirtingWife!! : sounds amazing!
  40. Doll said: @ CLIT LICKER : and my cunthole is actually very small, just the lips are big, ;)
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  45. said: that starfish needs a good pounding!
  46. LoveMySquirtingWife!! said: Or she could strap one on and we’ll DP you!!?? I’m getting hard just thinking about it!!!!!
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  50. Doll said: @ Rig : my starfish needs it ;)
  51. Doll said: @ : this juicy wet pussy would love riding it ;)
  52. Doll said: @ : I love ANYTHING in my fabulous asshole ;)
  53. Doll said: @ dd.eddie : my asshole spasms when I cum ;)
  54. Doll said: @ hunter: i’d want you to finish by ejaculating into my winking asshole!
  55. hunter said: where to start mmm more to the point where to finish
  56. dd.eddie said: That isnt a wink, it is a spasm on my tongue and i love it. And my big nose feels so secure in your pussy. Mmm your smell good.
  57. said: Hey Doll, do you like cock in your fabulous ass hole?
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Wife from behind

Amateur pic posted on Sunday Oct 12

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My wife’s ass and pussy from behind.

  1. ACE said: Delicious looking set of holes! I’d love to walk in on you just like that! :D
  2. Average joe said: I would love to fuck that peachy looking pussy.
  3. R said: “Fucken HOT”!!!!
  4. Worker said: Tell her she made a 22 year old man shoot an enormous load while jerking to her pic.
  5. @6535 said: makes me hungry some of that…. lol
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  8. Gayguy said: Looks scrumdiddlyumptious!
  9. superg said: Mmmmmm YUMMY
  10. senseimiyagi said: Would love to see Jennie on all fours and judge which view is better.
  11. dick said: I will cum all over that ass.
  12. said: Would love to show you mine right next to your sexy wife!
  13. Goat said: I would love to fuck that tight little ass hole.
  14. tw said: would love to lick your pussy in this position while you pee beautiful
  15. me321 said: I want in both holes!!!
  16. said: mmmmmm

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