ass up! (panties down)

Amateur pic posted on Saturday Feb 21


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all fresh ready for play time.

  1. TheDarkOne said: Exactly what I cam here for, thanks for sharing her and where does the line start?
  2. said: oh my gosh, that is super friggin hot, beautiful picture, i would love to be able to properly show thanks…
  3. said: all in for play time
  4. ACE said: Love it Doll! Rock back on your knees & spread your awesome cheeks. I love close ups of your amazing asshole!
  5. smails friend said: her feet are so sexy, almost as hot as her pretty fuck holes.
  6. Lickit said: Damn that’s wet and ready, as am I. 69
  7. Mr X. said: What’s with the feet all the time?
  8. said: perfect! I want to get it dirty!
  9. dick said: I want to fuck your ass
  10. said: when can I play gorgeous?
  11. +254 755 570 335 said: love to do it
  12. Undertaker said: Would like to see that finger in your ass
  13. rj said: love to eat both holes and lick your sexy feet.
  14. UrNaughtyArntU said: Very nice play ground for multiple oral and penetrating games. I am up for any and all of your favorites, just name them.
  15. said: You are covering the best part!!!
  16. joey said: absolutely incredible…..want to sniff lick and eat all of it!!
  17. said: Love to get a taste
  18. BBC said: I want some of that tight pussy!!!!

Hy…here comes my wet pussy

Amateur pic posted on Friday Feb 20


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you can although find me at Twitter Diana@Chantaldarc

  1. phlipper said: That’s one cutie i would love to fuck
  2. Lickit said: Only place u need to be is attending to my cock fulI filling ur needs
  3. Daryl said: Hot looking bitch!
  4. said: I would take that any day beautiful
  5. said: I’m a follower!!!
  6. ?? said: It says Thomas like Thomas the tank engine, cause she likes when guys run a train on her, obviously.
  7. CLIT LICKER . said: Love to have a wee lick of that wet slit .
  8. said: Some great pics on twitter account, more please.
  9. Mr X said: Is this a copy & paste from a 70’s retro porno!?
  10. sbc said: your hot as the sun baby. but do a cover up over that tattoo..
  11. said: that’s just yummy
  12. dick said: I want to cum all over your hot body.
  13. Jim said: How’s Thomas doing? He still around?
  14. said: absolutely gorgeous and sexy, love both set of lips and a great rack, hoty
  15. at chronic said: looks like the tatt says “Thomas”
  16. dd.eddie said: WOW a reincarnate SEXIER Joey Heatherton! Loved you BC side view! :D PERFECT
  17. said: Great sexy pic lady, love the pussy :) and you can find me at my address ;)
  18. said: good Lord what a sper fine specimen
  19. said: Oh Yes! You are ONE SEXY WOMAN!!!
  20. Colochronic said: What does that tattoo say

my hot ass pussy

Amateur pic posted on Friday Feb 20


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Which one would you choose??

  1. said: I wanna lick n fuck both!!
  2. hunter said: why choose i would fuck both
  3. ACE said: Wow both look delicious!
  4. Lickit said: Both for me its matter if it’s my tongue or cock you want first.
  5. HellSpawn said: pussy all the way
  6. said: botc or either
  7. mrla said: both
  8. said: I’ll take a dick in mine, you take pussy
  9. slick dick said: that tasty looking asshole! and two fingers in that hot pussy. thanks
  10. said: I want to fuck both, right now.
  11. tara said: I like both.
  12. Mr X. said: What about a double dip?
  13. ODB said: Both is okay. But…….if just the 1 then gotta be that puckered asshole
  14. otis said: the olny choice is which one first… not to pick just one
  15. sbc said: sexy “GIRL” :)
  16. dick said: your hot asshole needs a good fucking
  17. said: Love it!!!!!!!!!! Would tounge fuck that asshole!!!!
  18. said: That ass!!! I’d love to taste it then squirt my cum inside!
  19. yep said: stick my tongue up that ass while my cock is in your mouth. yummy.
  20. fuck yeah said: eat both for days. more please!
  21. said: I like both, very nice pussy lips and an inviting ass
  22. me said: oh fuck yeah. tongue fuck both!
  23. dd.eddie said: My tongue wants your pussy; my finger your ass; then switch.. YUM
  24. said: That ass is too nice to eat for desert so I would say ass first ;) pussy is nice though?…..
  25. said: Yummy ty I start by licking ass and pussy then we fuck the holes
  26. said: my oh my both please

Girlfriend was horny

Amateur pic posted on Friday Feb 20


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  1. Lickit said: My face is waiting to be sat on yummmmy
  2. sbc said: DAMN
  3. said: Love the pussy lips, want to dive in tongue first
  4. dd.eddie said: I want that to ‘land’ squarely on my face!

Wife’s all you can eat buffet.

Amateur pic posted on Friday Feb 20


Rating: 3.71    (402 votes cast)

Wife’s delicious pussy. Ready for licking & stiking. Anyone else wanna try it out?

  1. enjoy said: just sweet
  2. said: looks so edible! beautiful!
  3. said: I wish we could share
  4. +254 755 570 335 said: let my cock in
  5. said: I prefer buttholes due to my small dick.
  6. smiling vagina said: Yes mam! I wanna suck on those lips!
  7. said: I’d lick it and stick it, and then keep on going
  8. said: I am hungry for some delicious pussy, love to lick those juices
  9. dd.eddie said: I surely do! and so glad you made it AYCE! Cuz i aint stopping until full

Sunny Side Up

Amateur pic posted on Thursday Feb 19


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My latest view :p

  1. J R said: kitty has the famous “rocket pocket” on this site..;)
  2. +254 755 570 335 said: sun it for me then spread it for
  3. said: amazing n hot as…email 4 swap
  4. beeverhunter said: Love to have her for breakfast
  5. said: @Ally you are awesome on here! Keep posting baby!
  6. said: @ally: inbox me so we can exchange some pics:)
  7. dd.eddie said: talk about a picture to chase the cold of winter away! WOW May i soothe my chapped lips on yours?
  8. Johnnyonthespot said: Ally I did. You’ve got a great snatch to go with that hot ass and legs… Are those little titties as sensitive as they look?
  9. said: This one and the pinks socks pics are awesome!!! Wood love some in my inbox please!!!!
  10. Throbbin Hood said: Ooh, love the “pink socks pink pussy” post, Ally. Thanks for being such a ray of sunshine.
  11. Throbbin Hood said: You’ll need plenty of cream on that pussy if it is getting a lot of sun. Here, let me help you…
  12. omg! said: Eggs Bacon and all that ass and pussy I can eat? I’m game!
  13. said: damn that looks edible!
  14. LoveMeSomeCurves said: Fantastic!!!! Awesome pic!!!
  15. Ally said: @Johnny. I have posted pics like. type ‘pink socks’ into the search. please comment that one too :)
  16. Johnnyonthespot said: I am certainly not complaining but let’s see a spread shot of those sexy pussy lips next time plz Ally?
  17. said: She’s ABSOLUTELY BEAUTIFUL!!!
  18. said: I need a daily pic of your sweet ass and pussy!
  19. Joey said: What a beautiful juicy ass. I would love to play with that!
  20. said: your pussy makes my cock hard
  21. said:
  22. said: so sweet I’m ready to eat
  23. said: Damn that’s hot!! I want to put my tongue in that asshole!!!
  24. said: Love the view
  25. said: my hard cock wants ur beautiful ass and pussy
  26. said: Always a great view :) hope you have more views of your great self? ;)
  27. dick said: I want to tongue your asshole

Trimmed and ready for anal

Amateur pic posted on Thursday Feb 19


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I’ve never tried anal but hopefully will soon.

  1. said: I know which hole I’d be raming my tongue into before filling with my hot load that’s right sweetheart your ass hole oh fuck I’m
  2. said: if you don’t I will!
  3. ACE said: Amazing! I’d love to fill both your holes with my Hot cum! Plz show more
  4. Skinny said: My new favorite asshole. Super sexy. Love the puffy hemorrhoid. Great to suck on. Your wonderful :) Thank you
  5. said: I love to get shit on my dick.
  6. said: Great pussy and an asshole to die for!!
  7. dd.eddie said: all in the prep; let me start licking and tongue probing your asshole now to make it easier
  8. omg! said: I’m up for it if you are! But I’m getting some of that sweet pussy too!
  9. Jimbo said: Going to be a very lucky guy there when you do. Great skin by the way.
  10. said: would love to help with that!
  11. said: Your a GOOD GIRL!!!
  12. said: I can fill your sweet ass.
  13. Mr X. said: Love to be that person who enters that asshole for the 1st time and leaves a hot load in there.
  14. ODB said: With an asshole like that I am sure you will try it soon also. Try a tongue in there also.
  15. polish pussy punishment said: i would love to eat that ass hole!!
  16. UrNaughtyArntU said: Would love to fulfill your anal desires. Couldn’t ignore that tight pussy though.
  17. said: let me lick it first damn SEXY
  18. Lickit said: anal Virgin let me break u in.
  19. Assfan69 said: Kinda hard to belive you’ve never tried abal with that baby! Should be a breeze! I can help if youre in Ct!♡5♡
  20. said: I’d put my tongue and cock in there!!! More!!!
  21. said: Looks very inviting
  22. said: Ill tongue fuk your ass to get you warmed up if you like? ;)
  23. said: ill b happy to take ur anal cherry

Shame it’s not a real cock!!

Amateur pic posted on Thursday Feb 19


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Hubby in my ass and dildo in my pussy, shame it’s not a real cock!

  1. J R said: that my kind of good woman!
  2. Samara said: Is your dildo a mold of hubby’s cock? If so, I’d love one to stroke my wet pussy with while admiring your pics.
  3. said: Great pic! Very lucky hubby. Would love to be the second cock.
  4. said: lucky hubby!
  5. LoveMeSomeCurves said: My wife fantasizes about being stuffed with 2 cocks at once!! Nothing better than a woman who can get real slutty!!
  6. dave said: you want have wanted more than just one real cock but it’s a very hot picture..
  7. Undertaker said: Oh my, the best of both worlds. Beautiful pussy and a nice thick hog. Where to begin? Maybe a little of both.
  8. Joey said: That’s hot. Thanks for sharing. Hi Christina! :-*
  9. Mato said: Amazing… lucky bugger
  10. Mr X. said: Lets see that meat pushed ALL the way in both holes
  11. said: well let me help ya
  12. Lickit said: Let me know when Id join to pound that hot pussy.
  13. said: Very nice pic, love to see your Pusey without the dildo
  14. said: That’s a good girl !!!
  15. Christina said: Oh very nice!
  16. said: Love the pic! Would love to see more of you you dirty lady you ;)

my wife’s wet pussy

Amateur pic posted on Thursday Feb 19


Rating: 3.23    (377 votes cast)

Wife showing her wet pussyfooting for the camera

  1. J R said: ok so we have professional consultants on here…a good thing! i didnt know what “vitiligo”was..
  2. Mr X. said: Finding Nemo?
  3. skeetskeet said: ha ha
  4. +254 755 570 335 said: your a lucky chap, kiss it for me
  5. survey sez said: it’s called vitiligo…lac of pigmentation. Just birthmarks reversed you stupid fucks. Lovely pussy.
  6. Jj said: gopping, sort that fucker out
  7. dd.eddie said: Interesting: but i still wann lick the heck out of it.. thought maybe GM at first.
  8. AHH said: tanning accident?
  9. bob said: whats with the discolored pussy lips?
  10. said: Nice pussy, lik to see more.
  11. photo shopped said: that is photo shopped that is why it looks out of place. would have been better in its natural state.
  12. said: nice pink
  13. Lickit said: your pussy is fine babe. Love to pound you. Come on guys be nice
  14. said: Nice lips, but what happened to the outer area
  15. lol said: No more pictures from you please
  16. bbc said: why does her pussy look like that?

mid -orgasm

Amateur pic posted on Thursday Feb 19


Rating: 3.75    (388 votes cast)


  1. J R said: wow this woman comes complete with a lolly pop! nice ;)
  2. +254 755 570 335 said: so sweet, want it
  3. dd.eddie said: My favorite flavor or lollypop! Or is it a pull toy? JUICY!
  4. notenough said: looks like its hungry
  5. said: looks tight and tasty! 5+
  6. said: Very hot, nice ass too.
  7. said: on my face
  8. said: Hot!!!!!!!!! More!!!!
  9. said: That looks delicious
  10. dick said: quivering

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