From Behind

Amateur pic posted on Monday Nov 10

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I’ll sped my pussy and ass waiting for your big dick. I promise you can cum inside of me, that’s the way I like it.

  1. king said: damn id hit
  2. J R said: looks professionl..dont need “pros” on this site….homey’s n such are welcome best
  3. Worker said: I’d just like to jerk off behind you to that view and cum over your ass
  4. Freddy 250 947 5365. said: Over and over again. I’ll let you drain my balls dry.
  5. dick said: I want to fuck your ass
  6. said: You look real good from behind
  7. geraldo rivera said: a beautiful woman who knows what a man likes. The kind of woman i liked back in the 80″s! Keep up the posts sweatheart..
  8. 5714327523 said: hornycpl08 let’s have some fun
  9. PussyLover said: I simply love this post. How sweet of you to share it with the world.
  10. said: My pussy is wet and want to see more
  11. honest Joe said: Its not that big and I would prefer to come on your lovely ass hole!
  12. said: id love to cum in ur holes stroken my cock to them now
  13. Pink said: Such a sexy pose, and thanks, babe. Would love to sink my tongue deep inside your open anus and lick it clean.
  14. said: Yes, SDX, it’s a repost of a late October submittal. I don’t mind, tho’. I just came on my own face! That’s new & different.
  15. dd.eddie said: Not sure if i would have given you a choice; i’d be pulling your hair back so hard i’d be coming in one of the holes. :D
  16. said: Fuck your pussy first,fill it with a load and then slide my cock in your ass and fill it with a load!
  18. said: OMG so hot and sexy..I’d please u in every way
  19. ADX said: This is a repost from a few weeks ago…
  20. said: Mmmmmm good to see your back lady ;) lets start by eating out your ass
  21. said: thats a sexy pussy that needs my tongue n would love to lick cum from it

Wife riding me

Amateur pic posted on Monday Nov 10

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My young wife knows how to please me

  1. dave said: i’d eat that pussy
  2. Old JR said: The camera was on a tripod with a remote control. I would love someone else to be there though
  3. bareweener said: am I the only one wondering who took the picture
  4. Joe.. said: She looks like a good fuck.
  5. geraldo rivera said: Looks like Cissy in her prime… Oh the memories of taking that ass at will after chewing on interns all day long…
  6. senseimiyagi said: Wow! Would like to see what else you taught her!!!
  7. pappy said: that ass is a 10!
  8. said: I’d love to sit on your face while I suck ur wifes tits and tease her body
  9. said: I’d like to see the view from the front ;) mmmmm repost
  10. dd.eddie said: Damn she is hot. Must be tight or dry the way she is pulling her cheeks wider; more tongue before sex
  11. said: Who took the pic?
  12. xxjas said: very nice! would love to be underneath her!
  13. Gloverboy6 said: I wish I could see this in more than pic-form
  14. said: I would love to lick ur cum from that young pussy

Wrap My Toes

Amateur pic posted on Monday Nov 10

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I feels so good to have a big dick between my toes

  1. J R said: your lips wrapped around my ck at the same time would be awesome..looken vintage hot btw! ;)
  2. geraldo rivera said: Love the tits and body. Toes are a little jacked and she looks bored with the whole deal. Rivy could get her interested!
  3. senseimiyagi said: Love a woman who knows how to multi task!!!
  4. BigNPurple said: Hot gal – show us her pretty box!!
  5. said: I’d love to slide my cock in your pussy instead of between your toes
  6. xxjas said: I love this. love her wet pussy and sexy feet!
  7. said: I’d love to suck that cock and eat ur wet pussy
  8. said: Just move your cock a little as she needs to be looked at :) same view but stick your cock in her mouth then repost ;)

Wife and I

Amateur pic posted on Monday Nov 10

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its about to go down

  1. johnny said: i hate it slippin out like that.
  2. rj said: she is not going to be happy with a limp dick
  3. geraldo rivera said: Can’t she shit! Just a cock pointing at the camera. Not what I came for dude…. Boring shot.
  4. senseimiyagi said: Wow! Love a gal who knows how to work a cack!!!
  5. NN 2100 said: Your dick is blocking my view of her pussy.
  6. Rob said: Less dick. More chick.
  7. said: Your girls pussy & asshole look amazing mate! Lets see more of her in my emails ;)
  8. said: I’d love to get u both ready n play with my pussy while I watch

Up close shot for you!

Amateur pic posted on Monday Nov 10

photo 4.JPG
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Is it still hot for a lady in her mid 40’s?

  1. louise said: in my 40s and would luv to experience you for my first time
  2. said: Never would have guessed your age. Looks great!!
  3. J R said: this 60’s gent thinks that would be good licking and tongue lashing to a nice mid 40’s gal! ;)
  4. Me said: Thanks for the love it makes me hotter than hell. And yes 3 kiddos!
  5. johnny said: no kids?
  6. BigDave said: Hands down the finest pussy I have ever seen . I need this woman!!
  7. planeboy said: It’s absolutely gorgeous…perfect!!!
  8. dick said: nice and pink yummy
  9. said: Hell yes you’re hot!!! Does it make you feel good to know you have a 22 year old cock rock hard?
  10. said: beautiful pussy. i’d love to nibble on that clit
  11. rj said: pussy is like fine they get better with age
  12. superg said: YUMMY
  13. senseimiyagi said: Damn!!! Looks super yummy to me! If it makes you feel better, I’d tap you!!!
  14. said: oh hell yes! I’d lick on that all night
  15. Timber said: In my 40’s too and dating. If i happened o find a pussy like this I’d be fckn ecstatic!
  16. said: What’s wrong with mid forties? This pussy looks fantastic, lets see more of it and you ;)
  17. dd.eddie said: Damn your fingers, pussy, ass and thighs look 19yo! Amazing. I wann eat you badly!
  18. said: Astounding!!!!
  19. said: absolutely! looks so edible and tight! 10+
  20. said: I want to taste that hot pussy

Now thats a wet pussy

Amateur pic posted on Monday Nov 10

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No foreplay yet but ready to go….yum

  1. said: I’ll even make it wetter
  2. J R said: yeah well thats def been tongue stroked once atleast! nice pic btw
  3. said: so beautiful, thank you for posting this amazing picture.
  4. danny said: looks like chewed bubblegum
  5. dd.eddie said: Woman you can give me lips anytime; day or night! YUM

Tan Lines

Amateur pic posted on Sunday Nov 9

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On vacation with the husband. I just love laying out on the beach and watching the men checking out. Look what’s under neath the bikini.

  1. J R said: she looks natural all the way around..massive lips…wow..lick’em in the front poke’em in the rear! 10 redhead
  2. lapayne.1918@yahoocom said: love eat your creamy pussy right there, gorgeous pussy ,MMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMm
  3. geraldo rivera said: Nice set of lungs on this tart. How a ride on the G-train baby?
  4. hunter said: hope its a good holiday sun surf and lots of cock looks good ;-)
  5. Rig said: Let’s see those big tits!
  6. said: Plenty to check out babe. Fabulous breasts and I would like to see a lot more of your pussy
  7. Spike said: Looks like you are in your backyard babe….still damn nice pussy!!!
  8. senseimiyagi said: Can’t blame them for staring, I would be too! Got any more beach pics???
  9. said: Nowonder they check out that fantastic youthful figure. Hardbody, but soft in the special paces.
  10. said: damn girl id love to bury my tongue in that pussy
  11. dick said: nice clit

Silky Smooth Lips

Amateur pic posted on Saturday Nov 8

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Ready for breeding

  1. shannon coley said: id love to rub my clit on your face
  2. said: Are you ready?
  3. said: fucking gorgeous view.
  4. JJ said: Beautiful cameltoe pussy! I’ll bet blowing a load in that must feel so good. Lucky man…post more!!!
  5. said: Beautiful lips. I want them on my face. Inbox me. We can breed
  6. NN 2100 said: Beautiful!! I love it!
  7. Jizz Meister said: That is so tasty. Could I have reverse cowgirl?
  8. impressed said: wanna fuck
  9. dick said: nice cunt
  10. said: Just right for a good fingering xx
  11. said: I would stick my face in there, softly lick and then fuck you good!
  12. WOODY said: maybe she needs a spanking :) very nice
  13. RickJamesBiotch said: Nice Burger! Would love to see it opened up!
  14. said: Orgazmic Expression!!!
  15. omg! said: ready for eating!!!
  16. said: Very sexy pussy and ass
  17. said: so beautiful :) I’d love to see more please
  18. leon said: can I eat you out like that, then stick my hard cock inside and fill you up
  19. said: that looks so so tight , love it !
  20. said: Love to see the rest of that beautiful pussy!
  21. senseimiyagi said: Wow, great way to start off the day! Absolutely stunning!!!
  22. dd.eddie said: DELICIOUS and 100% tongue worthy before breeding; is 5 children enough?
  23. said: mmmmmm very sexy beautiful looks yummy thanks for sharing breeding….how about a good hard f cking
  24. Gloverboy6 said: Would love to see it in action :D
  25. LoveMySquirtingWife!! said: Fucking Beautiful!!
  26. said: absolutely perfect round ass and puffy pussy…tell me when and were…inbox me more

Wife pussy and ass

Amateur pic posted on Saturday Nov 8

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Sexy hot wife

  1. J R said: only bad thing bout being hitched to that..every ck dick n harry be want’en to hit n fk that! nawww piece of mind be better
  2. said: This is bullshit. She is a fucking 9 on legs alone!
  3. said: We all want to see more of your wife, much more. The entire body nude front and back.
  4. said: Just checking for a Hottie update. Guess I’ll fantasize.
  5. Biff said: I would definitely go dumpster diving on her ass, and run my tongue up and down the back of those long gorgeous legs.
  6. dick said: that is the best ass and legs on this sight. I would eat and fuck for dsys.
  7. Bill said: If that isn’t a ten, I don’t know what is. I’d love to bend her over the bed and fuck her from behind.
  8. WOODY said: heres my comment HOLLY FUCK
  9. said: Fantastic body and great ass, but can’t see the pussy? Lets have a closer look at this girl please ;) very nice indeed
  10. Aka said: Wow, surely looks beyond fuckable… show us a spread …
  11. said: Holy fuck! As close to perfection as a anyone can get. Where have you been, who are you? Where can I send gifts?
  12. Mr X. said: Fucking incredible ass & body.
  13. said: Please show us more of the Goddess, kind Sir!!!
  14. whoa said: that’s a nice body. well done love!
  15. 2469 said: I can see the fine ass ..but where’s the pussy shot
  16. said: Get a little closer and show us what she really has!! Spread that pussy for us!
  17. said: Simply senstational!!! I would love to see more. 10/10
  18. senseimiyagi said: So far, so good! Got any closer shots???
  19. said: mmmmmm very sexy beautiful looks yummy thanks for sharing wow she is gorgeous
  20. dd.eddie said: Im in love with this heart shaped ass; closer would be awesome
  21. RickJamesBiotch said: Would love a close up!! Thanks
  22. said: Smokin hot wife with a succulent ass. Definitely want to see more, especially the tits.

Perfect brit slut

Amateur pic posted on Saturday Nov 8

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Look how tight her pussy is

  1. shannon coley said: i like your wardrobe sexy
  2. Jizz Meister said: Very tasty indeed
  3. said: Yummy I wna lick ur pussy…it makes me wet
  4. Duh said: You can’t tell how tight a woman’s pussy is by the outside!!
  5. said: Would love to feel how tight her pussy is as she’s sliding down my cock!
  6. said: mmmmmm very sexy beautiful looks yummy thanks for sharing. she is perfect so gorgeous
  7. dd.eddie said: WOW a different bird so unique and yummy! TY! Would ove to feel her tightness on my tongue

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