Drunk GF Bent Over

Amateur pic posted on Thursday Apr 9

[Total: 540    Average: 3.9/5]

Bent Over Drunk GF

  1. Cassanova said: Nice anus
  2. 00buck69@gmail.com said: i like…very naughty
  3. countrycock25@gmail.com said: id take some in my email to stroke my cock to
  4. hunter said: @Alexia post more or fuck every one that rated you above 4 :)
  5. Alexia said: Omfg I can’t believe my bf posted this. What can I do to teach him a lesson?
  6. J R said: looks lke she likes the back door traffic too! beautiful rear post! share?
  7. Skinnyboy217 said: That pussy looks ready for a pounding, let me at it
  8. dee69lover@outlook.com said: looks good, I’d lick both holes before filling them 😉
  9. Trey88 said: Very hot would love to lick that tight ass hole then slide my dick right in
  10. dick said: I will cum all over that ass.
  11. Mr X. said: Fuck both those holes before she sobers up!
  12. Joe said: Wow. Id pump both her holes hard.
  13. French Toast said: We should really cover up the couch better so our cat and dog dont scratch the furniture 😉
  14. HellSpawn said: i would love tongue punch that ass and pussy mmmmmm
  15. ACE said: Beautiful asshole Doll! I’d love a taste before I fill it with my Hot cum! More plz
  16. Pete_ku71@hotmail.com said: Very nice view, lass looks inviting
  17. bcpsjg8083@yahoo.com said: Drunk? Sounds like a perfect time for us to take turns. Hot. lucky guy

Redhead Wife Riding Wet

Amateur pic posted on Thursday Apr 9

[Total: 427    Average: 3.9/5]

Any takers?

  1. steelie2014@hotmail.com said: very hot! I want to fill that perfect ass!!!
  2. dick said: she needs my cock in her asshole
  3. hunter said: Instead of holding her arse cheek togeth spree
  4. Bulletman said: She rides cock very nicely!
  5. J R said: another “REDHEAD” alert! beautiful…does she like Xtra ck now n then?
  6. J R said: hey “imposter JR” below..use another ID ..ive had the “real JR” ID before U..ok? 😉 its “confusing” if ya know what i mean
  7. J R said: What a great position for me to tickle your balls with my tongue – its making me hard thinking about it
  8. Throbbin Hood said: You bet. That’s a great shot. Your wife looks amazing. Redheads are great.
  9. senseimiyagi@yahoo.com said: That’s such a fucken beautiful view!!!!
  10. LoveMeSomeCurves said: Nice Ass, it’s missing something though……MY COCK!!!!
  11. dee69lover@outlook.com said: luck guy, wish she was on top of me :)
  12. Freddie gape u. said: I’ll slip in right next to that. 2 is more. And would just be right to fuck her deep. Love your wife.
  13. Gloverboy6 said: Redhead are so fuckin’ hot
  14. HellSpawn said: let’s how tight she is with out you in her and pushing on her ass
  15. bcpsjg8083@yahoo.com said: You look so tight! Can I be next? Wow

getting my tight pussy stretched

Amateur pic posted on Thursday Apr 9

Fuck Faerie2_933x700.JPG
[Total: 353    Average: 3.7/5]

riding my fuck buddy while hubby takes pics

  1. Trey88 said: Whoa that’s one nice tight pussy, look how it fucking clings to that shaft!!
  2. 00buck69@gmail.com said: Nice
  3. Bulletman said: Nothing wrong with that! I hope your hubby got some too!
  4. J R said: wow that is tite! mercy sakes
  5. Mrvixen70@hotmail.com said: Lucky buddy! Vaughn
  6. Rowdy Yates said: hope he also stuck it in your ass
  7. Throbbin Hood said: Wow, that certainly looks tight. Would love to see your pussy in its resting state. Would love to be your FB…
  8. Joe said: Id wld be even tighter with my big cock slammin it.
  9. x-jas-x1@hotmail.co.uk said: I’d love to be the next guy! Very hot pussy and ass.
  10. Gloverboy6 said: Damn, that pussy DOES look tight. I hope hubby got some of it too
  11. HellSpawn said: your hubby isn’t good enough for so he let you have a fuck buddy wow that’s pretty low
  12. ACE said: Awesome! Ur pussy & ass look tight Doll, how do i become a fuck buddy?
  13. bcpsjg8083@yahoo.com said: You look solo tight! Can I be next? Wow

Afternoon Snack

Amateur pic posted on Wednesday Apr 8

[Total: 624    Average: 4.3/5]

Cum & get it boys…

  1. pdlmf60@gmail.com said: sweeeet
  2. 00buck69@gmail.com said: on my way
  3. loads4you2@gmail.com said: would like to see more of you damn this is nice pic. inbox me for pic swap
  4. J R said: wow that is nice!!!! post more..like “older” gents? 😉
  5. uncle sam said: u could feed a few good men
  6. uncle sam said: at least be honest with urself, thats way more than a snack!
  7. senseimiyagi@yahoo.com said: Dam!!!! That’s such an awesome view!!!!
  8. Myke said: That’s more than a snack thats a buffet all i can eat till one if us is stuffed
  9. Trey88 said: Mmmmm love those lips peaking out. Very nice
  10. bcpsjg8083@yahoo.com said: So inviting. I have to agree, I’d love to lick it first, then pound it out
  11. Spanking guy said: Tantalising. A spankable bottom?
  12. razorsedge@vodamail.co.za said: Sit your fat pyssy lips on my face so i can eat you inside out! Then i can feed your your hot wet pussy with my horny cock!
  13. George said: Really nice, I would fuck that so hard with my cock.
  14. steelie2014@hotmail.com said: very edible!
  15. Thaboss76@gmail.com said: damn let me no were its at ill come get it inbox me more beautiful
  16. jj7063180064 said: so where is u
  17. West6771@yahoo.com said: 10!!!!!! Give us the asshole next time please!!!
  18. bladey310@gmail.com said: I wish gurly? 😉
  19. kevinpjp79@gmail.com said: very sexy would go down on that for hours
  20. dee69lover@outlook.com said: mmmmmm I’d lick that pussy till she cumed in my face then fuck till I cumed in her :p
  21. baldsexymale@yahoo.com said: My cock is hard and ready, babe.
  22. ass candy said: lift that and show me that sweet sweet ass. I’d love to dive in to that.
  23. ODB said: Lift that skirt a little higher so we can all see your asshole too
  24. Pete_ku71@hotmail.com said: Looks delicious
  25. hunter said: I whould lick that till her knees buckled
  26. mdelano93.md@gmail.com said: can I lick it first? then pound you in that position for the rest of the day. sexy lady. 10

Want a Taste Pt. VII

Amateur pic posted on Wednesday Apr 8

[Total: 355    Average: 3.5/5]

Fuck her until she squirts then lick it all up!!

  1. 00buck69@gmail.com said: I would indeed
  2. LoveMeSomeCurves said: It doesn’t taste like it either!! But, either way, she’s fucking hot & I’m a Lucky Man!!!
  3. LoveMeSomeCurves said: It doesn’t resemble piss in any way!! It’s not yellow! It doesn’t smell like piss! Haven’t tasted piss, but I’m pretty sure..
  4. J R said: if ya get a face full of “squirt” ya been pizzzed in the face is all
  5. J R said: on offense to any of the “squirters” on here….butt never believed in the “squirten” deal..lotta rhetoric..nice slit!
  6. chris said: youre wrong dude, but that shouldn’t stop you from enjoying it. slurp on i guess
  7. SquirtingIs4Real!! said: Tasted piss before, but it doesn’t taste like piss either!!!! It’s delicious!!!!
  8. SquirtingIs4Real!! said: @Chris….I’m sure there are articles that will argue to other side as well!! It doesn’t smell or look like piss and I’ve never
  9. chris said: scientists have concluded that squirting is involuntary urination.google it 😉
  10. Assfan69 said: Oh yea sign me up for the squirt cleanup! Just love to get my face in a squirtin pussy! The best time ever!
  11. dd.eddie said: I want her womanly squirt DIRECTLY into my mouth!
  12. dee69lover@outlook.com said: love to see her squrt in acion, look like a tigh pussy, thank you for posting I’d like to see more :)
  13. Pete_ku71@hotmail.com said: Yumm
  14. mdelano93.md@gmail.com said: yes. I wanna make her squirt then clean it up with my tounge 10

LoVE These FuCKinG CurveS!!

Amateur pic posted on Wednesday Apr 8

[Total: 414    Average: 3.7/5]

I’m Crazy about this Woman & Her Curvy Beautiful BoDY!!

  1. LoveMeSomeCurves said: She’s on Boobcritic as well, search Big Beautiful Natural Breasts, all pics on 1st page are her except 1!! Check ’em out!!
  2. LoveMeSomeCurves said: @Bulletman, she’s Want a Taste on here, also The Best Blowjobs!!!
  3. Bulletman said: Can’t get enough of her that…post more, please.
  4. Bulletman said: Wow! Wow! Smokin’ hot…curvy in all the right places.
  5. J R said: yo Christina..post ur goods! ;)wanna c ur best darlin
  6. J R said: def a sexy woman…built to deliver! lucky hubby for sure…under rated! 5 post more call me if she needs xtra ck
  7. mrlac35@gmail.com said: perfect
  8. mrlac35@gmail.com said: i agree m
  9. lee said: I want to pound that pussy. just lay there and get pumped
  10. senseimiyagi@yahoo.com said: I fucking love them too!!! Don’t cock block and post more!!!
  11. Fuckbear said: I can see why, she tooks tasty
  12. bcpsjg8083@yahoo.com said: So hot you started a fire!
  13. LoveMeSomeCurves said: Nothing on this Beautiful Woman stinks!!! Smells fantastic & she’s absolutely tasty!!!!!
  14. thickbadunk said: That is thick heaven!
  15. Aaron said: very sexy!!
  16. Odhin1256@mail.com said: Christina let’s see some pix of u
  17. dd.eddie said: I am too!
  18. dee69lover@outlook.com said: hot body, super sexy :)
  19. Christina said: Very sexy body! Love those thighs, bush and boobs!
  20. hunter said: I can see why . Yum

Riding me with finger in her ass

Amateur pic posted on Wednesday Apr 8

[Total: 380    Average: 3.9/5]

girkfriend riding me while I’ve got my finger up her ass :)

  1. BigCock said: That looks really cozy
  2. J R said: if she wants more n finger call me! great post btw
  3. Rowdy Yates said: Hope you gave her the dirty sanchez afterwards
  4. bill said: who took the pic
  5. dee69lover@outlook.com said: you luck guy, she looks so hot, I’d love to see more of her please
  6. Kenbo said: My gf loves this
  7. Pete_ku71@hotmail.com said: Nice view, love that ass
  8. Christina said: I bet that feels so good!
  9. hunter said: Whould she like sumthing bigger in her arse as she rides you . DP

Want a Taste Pt. VI

Amateur pic posted on Tuesday Apr 7

[Total: 428    Average: 3.5/5]

This was taken right after she squirted everywhere!! Couch was soaked, she was covered with her own squirt!!! Enjoyed licking it all off her body!!

  1. J R said: all that needs is a good ck…call me i finish the duty well!
  2. Mr X. said: Well….it either look s a heck of a lot better from behind or that is as you say a bad foto
  3. dd.eddie said: Lucky man! I love to use my mouth to cover a woman’s vagjj as she squirts! Well she can pee also.. that never stopped me
  4. LoveMeSomeCurves said: Quality of the pic is bad…..NOT THE PUSSY!!
  5. LoveMeSomeCurves said: Come on now Mr. X!!! Same woman right below!! You said you’d eat your own cum out of her ass!! It ain’t dirty, clean & TASTY!
  6. Mr X. said: No. That just looks dirty.
  7. Pete_ku71@hotmail.com said: That I juvivy goodness, loved to slurp her up
  8. steelie2014@hotmail.com said: looks so edible!
  9. dee69lover@outlook.com said: I’d love to see that pussy squirt :) super sexy
  10. jdog said: would lick every drop up and then slide my cock in that gorgous pussy
  11. Aaron said: beautiful wet pussy!

Want a Taste Pt. V

Amateur pic posted on Monday Apr 6

[Total: 667    Average: 4.1/5]

Love eating both her holes, she really loves having her asshole eaten, nothing gets her wetter!!

  1. Bulletman said: Nothin’ wrong with that! All of her looks tasty!
  2. J R said: wow my kinda woman! great posts btw! share?
  3. serlickalot said: dinner is seryed
  4. ACE said: I’d love to eat ur asshole & pussy for hours Doll!
  5. tw said: Would love to lick your pussy and asshole while you peein that position
  6. Mrvixen70@hotmail.com said: Very nice ass! Vaughn
  7. Aaron said: I want to cum all over you!
  8. 00buck69@gmail.com said: damn she is sexy
  9. steelie2014@hotmail.com said: looks tight and tasty! more please!
  10. lookingforfun235@gmail.com said: id love to eat both those holes and cum inside both of them. please keep sharing!!
  11. Mr X. said: I’d eat my own cum out of that asshole.
  12. Already hard said: My cock would enjoy cuming in your twat
  13. eddie said: Love to EAT that ASSHOLE
  14. dick said: I will cum all over that ass.
  15. dee69lover@outlook.com said: waw looks good enough to eat both holes and then fill 😉
  16. Pete_ku71@hotmail.com said: Love to eat that pussy
  17. mdelano93.md@gmail.com said: What a sexy view. 10

The Best Blowjobs!!!

Amateur pic posted on Monday Apr 6

[Total: 455    Average: 3.4/5]

Absolutely amazing, she gives the best blowjobs!

  1. hunter said: @Crist
  2. J R said: can u post more of those HANGING boobs? there beautiful from what can c ! 10 boobs a good woman btw!
  3. dee69lover@outlook.com said: so sexy, wish it was my dick she had in her mouth :)
  4. LoveMeSomeCurves said: She’s “Want a Taste” on this site. Wife’s Big Beautiful Ass on MFA! Pics on Boobcritic as well.
  5. Joe said: Good girl!!!
  6. senseimiyagi@yahoo.com said: Nice!!! How does she look from behind??? I gotta see it to believe it!!
  7. steelie2014@hotmail.com said: lucky dude!
  8. Chris said: can I suck on it too?
  9. dd.eddie said: Super tits! and My guess/ desire is that she swallows every drop

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